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H2 breath tests

H2 breath tests can be used to find the cause of a persisting sensation of fullness, a tendency towards persistent serious flatulence, or diarrhoea.

In particular, these tests can detect intolerance to lactose, fructose and sorbitol or the presence of abnormal bacterial colonization of the small intestine.

H2 breath tests in Düsseldorf

In the H2 breath test, the water content of the exhaled air is measured before and at intervals after the drinking of a test substance dissolved in water. Altogether, the test takes 3 hours.


The patient should not eat anything on the morning of the examination. Water can be drunk. The teeth should not be cleaned on the morning of the examination, as the test result may be distorted by a substance that is contained in most toothpastes. 

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Apart from these specialized examinations we also offer the normal services of an internal medicine practice, e.g. physical examinations, lab tests, etc. We also perform treatments that cannot be carried out by the patient’s general practitioner.


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